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Youth / Young Adult Program

Youth and adults GCC also has well-attended young and adult evenings in a licensed restaurant. “Kaffee und Kuchen” (Coffee and Cake) for conversation mostly in German. If you have any question, send us an e-mail. Appointments see calendar:

Where? 635 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba 

When? See the Events Calendar

Why? To meet, chat in German and have a good time.

Kaffee und Kuchen: 

Where? Mezzine Unit 58-81 Garry Street, plan see “Home”. 

When? See the Events Calendar

Exchange students from Germany at MBCI

Why are you learning German?

Learning German wasn’t the first thing on my mind growing up, but when I turned 14 I wanted a change from the usual Math, Science, English, and French (oh how I didn’t like learning French) and decided to sign up for German. The people in my class were really fun and we would always say German things to each other outside of class, as if it were our own secret language no one else knew. Yes it was nerdy but it was good times too. The thing that German really helped me with was help answer that scary question: “What am I going to do with my life?” I’m 19 and I still don’t have everything figured out, but studying German helped me apply for the International Business programme at the University of Manitoba. With International Business, I get to use my loves of travel and talking to people, and pair it with German, and voilà – a career that’s great for me! I’m now in my third year of university and I am so pleased I have made the right decision that was best for me.

How is Freiburg?

I decided to go on exchange to Freiburg, Germany for 11 months this year to improve my German, and I must admit my decision to go is something I will never regret. Of course, it’s great to be in a different country making your own decisions and (finally) being independent, but I also get a chance to use my German in everyday situations, like going to the grocery store for chocolate or buying a train ticket to Frankfurt for a weekend or even just talking to people in my dormitory about robots. Freiburg is in the south-west tip of Germany, and it lies right at the bottom of the Blackforest, so from my window I get to see the big hills of trees of different colours. It’s always nice to know if you have nothing to do; you can go on a hike through the forest that goes on for miles and miles. It borders France and Switzerland too, so when I don’t want to study on a weekend, I can take a train to Basel in Switzerland or Straßbourg in France. I can even go to Stuttgart for great European fashions, Munich for Oktoberfest, or Prague for the sake of telling my friends I’ve been to Prague! Right now Freiburg is getting ready for Christmas, and it is really awesome because the Germans go all out for it. There are nutcrackers and bakeries and decorations everywhere on the main streets. The city actually looks like one of those Christmas snowglobes (with not as much snow). I’m really excited that the coldest it gets in Freiburg is -10°C, so it will be a white Christmas, without bundling up too much (or shovelling!)

Do you recommend others to join the German programmes in Manitoba?

The German programmes in Manitoba have been really great to me, because I get to use German with people who know just as much complicated German Grammar as I do (or at least are as frustrated with it as I am!) The German Clubs, Christkindlmarkt, Folklorama, and my high school & university German education has opened my eyes that there is a world outside of Canada and the US, and there’s just a different culture to get to know on your own terms. I got to meet a lot of fantastic people who aren’t my parents’ age who have grown to be some of my closest friends, as well as met people older than me who really support my career/future endeavours. It’s also a good way to get a few phone numbers hahaha. In all truth, Manitoba offers a great selection of German programmes that can fit your needs, whether you want to learn German intensely or just hang out with people your own age who you can choose to speak either German or English with. My recommendation: If you want to go out there and have fun and meet new people who have language in common with you, then I say do it! It’s something I’ve never had a second thought about, and it’s just a whole lot of fantastic. Deutsch ist toll!




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