Honorary Consul of Germany

HC Germany  Jutta Essig

Honorary Consul: Jutta Essig

Office: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Superior Agency: General Consul of Germany, Toronto

Appointments: By previously arranged appointment only. Please contact the office of the Honorary Consul by e-mail

Jurisdiction: Applicants with Manitoba as their primary residence



We can offer these services: 

  • Acceptance of passport applications 
  • Acceptance of name declarations in connection with passport applications 
  • Recording birth announcements 
  • Consular assistance in the event of accident, death, as well as assistance with the search for legal assistance and inmate care
  • Signature Certifications Desk notices (i.e police Certificates of good conduct,approval declarations, powers of attorney, some inheritance issues)
  • Certification of photocopies 
  • Issuance of consular certificates

    We can NOT offer these services: 
  • Acceptance and transmission of applications for the retention of German citizenship and other applications in matters of nationality 
  • Affidavit to obtain a certificate of inheritance 
  • Other certifications 
  • Requests for formal service of documents at the request of a German authority or a court Legalization of Canadian notarial deeds and Canadian civil status documents

    Please contact the Consulate General in Toronto in these cases.


Phone +1 (204) 944 9745 

E-Mail winnipeg@hk-diplo.de

Mailing Address:
PO Box 68079Winnipeg, MB
R3L 2V9

81 Garry Street,
Mezz. Unit 58
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 4J9

Fort Garry Place Mall, Mezzanine Unit 58